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Welcome to Free iPod Online!

Simply sign up, complete one free offer & refer your friends to the website who do the same!

Would you like a brand new iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic or even iPod Touch but don't have the funds available to cover the cost of buying one? We have found a way for you to receive one without it costing you a single penny!

In order to receive your Free iPod all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

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To qualify for your Free iPod you must complete just one of the sponsored offers listed on the FreebieJeebies website. There are many offers available for you to choose from, some of which are completely free to complete! We've listed some of the best offers including the LoveFilm 30 day free trial offer on our Hot Offers page.

For a more detailed explanation of how the process works please see our How it works page, or if you would like to see proof that this is legitimate see our Proof It Works page.

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Free iPod Shuffle

Big On colour, the perfect mix.
Available in 7 vibrant colours.

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Free iPod Nano

Completely renanoed.
Available in 7 vibrant colours.

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Free iPod Classic

iPod Classic comes in silver or black and has a massive 160GB capacity

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Free iPod Touch

Engineered for maximum funness.
Now available in 5 vibrant colours.

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